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Bio 8/1/2016
BJ Royster

Marine Life Artist BJ Royster was born and raised in Miami, Florida. BJ is
recognized as the foremost fine artist of the Florida reefs. She feels it is truly
a gift from God. She started painting the reefs after overcoming her fear of
diving. In just a short time her paintings, reproductions and photos have
filled many homes, business and vessels around the world.

BJ is a member of Ocean Artist Society, Islamorada Chamber of Commerce.
Supporter of Coral Restoration Foundation and Reef. Florida Keys Council
of the Arts Advisor, and owner of BJ Royster Ocean Gallery in Islamorada.

BJ Royster Ocean Gallery
is located in Islamorada.
MM 81.6 Bayside

Please respect and take care of our AMAZING UNDERWATER WORLD.

“Take only pictures and leave only bubbles”.

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