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Dolphin Feeding 9/22/2014
Dolphin Feeding
Dolphin Feeding

Little fishing story

My husband & I went dolphin fishing with some friends in June.
There is something about being on the water with all her beauty and ever changing wonders. That makes life exciting for me.
As many times as I had gone out Bayfront, this was the first time I had seen a manatee in the lagoon. What a great way to start out the day.
We headed out of the channel across the Bay cutting through Cesars Creek, to get to the Big Blue. We were about 2 ˝ miles out from Pacific Light when we saw a funnel cloud forming.It stayed around for about 15 minutes and disappeared. So, we continued our search for Dolphin. The weed was all over the place. Once we found the dolphin we couldn’t get rid of them, they just wouldn’t go away. There were four of us on the boat and before we new it we had reached our limit. The school was still hanging around, so we started playing with them. I held an empty hook six inches out of the water and they would jump up trying to grab it. They were going after anything and everything. The game was not to let them have the hook. Then we took pieces of bait and held it over the side of the boat, the dolphin would leave the water grabbing it out of our fingers. Then the men had a smart idea. They jumped in the water with their fins and masks, and ballyhoo. They had a wonderful time being surrounded by all the dolphin and feeding them by hand. It was the craziest thing we have ever seen. If I wasn’t there I would have a hard time believing it. The day ended with a full catch and wonderful memories.

You can continue your dive into BJ Roysters Amazing Underwater World by visiting her at a Fine Art show, or her work at a gallery.
Thank you for helping to keep our reefs alive by not touching or standing on them.

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