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Digging Hog 2/4/2014
Digging Hog

Digging Hog

I had to share this one with you. For those who know my paintings, know that I love painting Hogfish and lobsters. James and I were enjoying a shallow reef dive in the Keys. At the edge of the reef sloping out to the rocky sandy bottom was the biggest Hogfish I have ever seen. James and I started taking pictures of this Hog digging out the rocks and shells from under a large formation of old coral. As we moved in closer he didnt even seem to care that we were there. He would stop digging just for a moment, swim in a circle to check us out and then back to his digging. James moved in real close and took a picture of his eye, holding the camera four inches away and he kept digging. This went on for ten minutes. So, James gets this smart idea to grab him and take him to the boat to show him off and he motions for me to get my camera ready. When James had the Hog by the tail, I took the picture and the Hog still kept on digging. James then reaches down with his other hand to lift him up under the belly. Finally, the Hog was aware something had a grip on him or maybe he was just ticklish. With one slam of his tail he was gone. This is a dive we will always remember and in honor of the digging Hog, he will be in my paintings and not on the table.

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